Each year, Lakewood staff produces a year-long study

in which our church family is invited to participate.

Current Study

In 2020, we are learning to see clearly through the lens of Scripture in a year-long study.

Wisdom for Waiting: Psalms of Exile

To add anything to the gospel is to lose the whole gospel. For many, the gospel is seen as merely the starting point of the Christian life. Often we believe, “I trusted in Jesus, and now it is up to me to work as hard as I can to please God with my life.” Galatians alerts us to the danger of losing the gospel—not by rejecting Jesus but by living as if his work must be completed by our obedience. Paul shows us that the gospel of God’s grace is the center of the entire Christian life. We begin and continue to follow Jesus only through faith and by God’s grace.




Previous Studies

Interested in learning more about past studies? You are in the right place!

Wisdom of Community

The church is God’s wise plan for the good of his people and for his glory. This 6-week study through the book of Ephesians demonstrates to followers of Jesus that we need the church. God has designed the life of faith in such a way that our survival depends on the community of the church. To be a follower of Christ is to be a member of a local congregation. The church is necessary for our own growth in godliness and for us to join in God’s mission.


Wisdom 2020

To live well is to live wisely. The challenge becomes that what the world describes as wise and what the Bible teaches is wise are opposed. In fact, biblical wisdom is seen as foolishness to the world. If we want to live well — if we want to live a truly wise life — we must look to the Scriptures. When we look to the Bible for a true definition of wisdom, we see that wisdom is not a thing but a person. True wisdom is none other than Jesus Christ. This study takes you through the Bible, examining wisdom and pointing you to Jesus.


OT19: Eden to Exile

In 2019, we ventured on a one-year journey through the Old Testament and studied its connection with Jesus in the New Testament. We read the stories of the Old Testament, from Eden to Exile and ended the year with Isaiah’s prophesies of Emmanuel. Each week ended with a devotional reading connecting what we read in the Old Testament to Jesus in the New Testament.


Vision from the Valley

In this six-week study, we reflected on six Psalms that paired with our OT19 readings about the life of David in 1-2 Samuel. From David’s own meditations, we gleaned how we can biblically and faithfully live our own lives in a manner that honors God even in the midst of life’s deepest valleys.


NT18: New Testament in a Year

In 2018, we read the New Testament—verse by verse, chapter by chapter, day by day, week by week. In 365 days, we read the entire New Testament together as a church.

Each day, we read, meditated and prayed over one chapter of the New Testament. Each week, we discussed our daily readings together in small groups. In corporate worship on Sundays, we focused on the readings for that week.