Planting churches through the local church.


What is COR3:6?

COR3:6 is a network that partners with other Christian, evangelical, gospel-centered, and missional church planters to plant new churches and to revitalize dying churches locally, nationally, and globally for the sake of Jesus Christ, through the unity and power of the Holy Spirit, and to the glory of God the Father.

Why Church Planting?

We believe that local churches are the God-given means to make disciples of Jesus Christ. When Jesus commissioned his followers to go and make disciples, he also commanded them to be baptized (Matt. 28:18-20). As the rest of the New Testament shows, baptism is the entrance into the community of faith, the church (Acts 2:41-47). When the first disciples heard the call of Christ to make disciples, they responded by planting churches. Following the command of Lord Jesus and the example of the New Testament, we plant churches to make disciples.


Current Partners

CLICK HERE to see a list of our current COR 3:6 Church Planters.



The COR3:6 Church Planting Network and Lakewood’s Gospel Training Center offer a two-year residency designed to prepare future church-planters to succeed where the Lord has called them. The program takes a holistic approach to this preparation by offering rigorous training in biblical and theological studies, fostering the spiritual formation and personal development of residents and their spouses, and providing practical ministry experience.



COR3:6 partners with church plants across North America. If you’re interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you.