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Gospel 2021: The Gospel Unites – United In One BodySunday, June 06, 2021
Dr. Tyler Smiley
Gospel 2021: The Gospel Unites – Union and CommunionSunday, May 30, 2021
Dr. Tyler Smiley
Gospel 2021: The Gospel Unites – Union with ChristSunday, May 23, 2021
Dr. Tyler Smiley
Gospel 2021: Follow the King – The Great King JesusSunday, May 09, 2021
Dr. Tyler Smiley

Here is Where I Stand

Dr. Tom Smiley|June 6, 2020Here is Where I Stand As I watch and listen to what is transpiring around our country and in our community it is beyond obvious that we are living amidst some heart-breaking, confusing...Read the Post


Nic Greenfield|May 15, 2020Remember who you are... These are the words uttered by Mufasa from one of my favorite movies, The Lion King. Mufasa is reminding Simba where he came from, who his family is, and...Read the Post


Nic Greenfield|May 15, 2020W.O.R.S.H.I.P Last week we started out Acrostic word W.O.R.S.H.I.P with Witness. We discussed how, witnessing is worship but also, our worship is also witnessing. Indeed, witnessing is incredibly important to our daily worship....Read the Post


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