SENIOR PASTOR Dr. Tyler Smiley Senior Pastor MAIL
Robert Puckett Executive Pastor MAIL
Sarah Williams Pastor’s Admin Asst. MAIL
Julie Ransom Receptionist MAIL
ASSOCIATE PASTOR Don Ormsbee Executive/Senior Adults Pastor MAIL
WORSHIP Jeremy Daniels Worship Pastor MAIL
Carter Reeves Worship Pastor MAIL
Kim Nichols Worship Associate MAIL
Jon Poole Worship Associate MAIL
Heather Risinger Worship Associate MAIL
Kim Stice Lakewood Music Institute Director MAIL
Dan St. Andre Worship Associate MAIL
NEXT GENERATION Jamie Willis Next Generation Pastor MAIL
Dylan Evans Student Pastor/High School MAIL
Jon Edwards Middle School Minister MAIL
MaryBeth Jackson Girls Minister MAIL
Ashley Echols Administrative Assistant Student Ministry MAIL
Christa Gaudinier Grade School Minister MAIL
Allison Polsinelli Preschool Minister MAIL
Candace Stradley Administrative Assistant Kids Ministry MAIL
Connie Phillips Preschool Associate MAIL
Jennie Tomlin Preschool Associate MAIL
Jodi Branyon Childcare Coordinator MAIL
Heather Godwin Grade School Associate MAIL
Melissa Hilburn Grade School Associate MAIL
Jessie Poole Kids Ministry Associate MAIL
Christine Paul Special Needs Coordinator MAIL
Maribeth Joyner Grade School Associate MAIL
Emilee Phillips Kids Cove Weekday Director MAIL
ADULT DISCIPLESHIP Scott Smith Discipleship Pastor MAIL
Lisa Elliott Coffeehouse & Bookstore Director MAIL
Jessica Hart Women’s Discipleship Director MAIL
Emily Lavender Discipleship Ministry Assistant MAIL
Kaleb Mitchell College & Young Adult Minister MAIL
Dawn Smith Connection Director MAIL
Allie Weaver First Impressions Director MAIL
MISSIONS Dr. Benji Lavender Missions Pastor MAIL
Kevin Stradley Missions Associate MAIL
Bill Ingram Retreat at Long Mountain Director MAIL
Sandi Mckinley Administrative Assistant MAIL
Lisa Fyfe Celebrate Recovery MAIL
Tanna Roush Director of Adoption & Foster Care Ministry MAIL
Thompson VanDeMark Upward Sports Director MAIL
FINANCES Christie Lee Administrator/Comptroller MAIL
Pam Souza Financial Assistant MAIL
MARKETING Joy Willis Marketing Director MAIL
Kim Nichols Video Producer MAIL
Bethany O’Bryant Photographer MAIL
FACILITIES Jeff Farr Campus Facilities Director MAIL


Hilburn, MelissaGrade School AssociateMAIL

Branyon, Jodi Childcare Coordinator MAIL
Daniels, Jeremy
Worship Pastor
Echols, Ashley Student Ministry Administrative Assistant MAIL
Edwards, Jon Middle School Minister MAIL
Elliot, Lisa Coffeehouse & Bookstore Director MAIL
Evans, Dylan Student Pastor/High School MAIL
Farr, Jeff Campus Facilities Director MAIL
Fyfe, Lisa Celebrate Recovery MAIL
Gaudinier, Christa Grade School Ministerr MAIL
Godwin, Heather Grade School Associate MAIL
Hart, Jessica Women’s Discipleship Director MAIL
Ingram, Bill Retreat at Long Mountain Director MAIL
Jackson, MaryBeth Girls Minister MAIL
Joyner, Maribeth Grade School Associate MAIL
Lavender, Dr. Benji Missions Pastor MAIL
Lavender, Emily Discipleship Ministry Associate MAIL
Lee, Christie Administrator/Comptroller MAIL
Mckinley, Sandi Administrative Assistant Missions MAIL
Mitchell, Kaleb College & Young Adult Minister MAIL
Nichols, Kim Worship Associate/Video Producer MAIL
O’Bryant, Bethany Photographer MAIL
Ormsbee, Don Senior Adults/Pastoral Care/Recreation MAIL
Paul,Christine JOY Ministry Coordinator MAIL
Phillips, Connie Preschool Associate MAIL
Phillips, Emilee Kids Cove Preschool Director MAIL
Polsinelli, Allison Preschool Minister MAIL
Poole, Jessie Kids Ministry Associate MAIL
Poole, Jon Worship Associate MAIL
Puckett, Robert Executive Pastor MAIL
Ransom, Julie Receptionist MAIL
Reeves, Carter
Worship Pastor
Risinger, Heather
Worship Associate
Roush, Tanna Director of Adoption & Foster Care Ministry MAIL
Smiley, Dr. Tyler Senior Pastor MAIL
Smith, Dawn Connection Director MAIL
Smith, Scott Discipleship Pastor MAIL
Stradley, Candace Student Ministry Administrative Assistant MAIL
Stradley, Kevin Missions Associate MAIL
Souza, Pam Financial Assistant MAIL
St. Andre, Dan Worship Associate MAIL
Stice, Kim Lakewood Music Institute Director MAIL
Tomlin, Jennie Preschool Associate MAIL
VanDeMark, Thompson Upward Sports Director MAIL
Weaver, Allie First Impressions Director MAIL
Williams, Sarah Pastor’s Admin Assist. MAIL
Willis, Jamie Next Generation Pastor MAIL
Willis, Joy Marketing Director MAIL