The church is God’s wise plan for the good of his people and for his glory. This 6-week study through the book of Ephesians demonstrates to followers of Jesus that we need the church. God has designed the life of faith in such a way that our survival depends on the community of the church. To be a follower of Christ is to be a member of a local congregation. The church is necessary for our own growth in godliness and for us to join in God’s mission.

Week 1
Christ's CommunityEphesians 1Watch Video
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Week 2
United in ChristEphesians 2Watch Video
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Week 3
God's Wisdom on DisplayEphesians 3Watch Video
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Week 4
United and EquippedEphesians 4Watch Video
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Week 5
Walk Wisely TogetherEphesians 5Watch Video
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Week 6
Equipped for BattleEphesians 6Watch Video
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Week 7
Video Coming Soon

The Book and Song

The book, “The Wisdom of Community: God’s Plan for His People” by Dr. John Morrison, is available for $5 at Lakewood. It contains a devotion on each chapter of Ephesians, weekly memory verses as well as daily activities to help you dig deeper and reflect on what you are learning in Ephesians.

Listen to the song

Forever Marriage

Forever Marriage has created a podcast for couples that coincides with this study.


Join us in Community

The best way to experience The Wisdom of Community is through personal study, corporate worship on Sundays and meeting weekly with a small group. If you are not already part of a small group, this would be a great time to join one! Lakewood has groups that meet all around town and throughout the week. We also have Sunday morning groups and a Wednesday night group that will be going through the study together at Lakewood.