Resources for Parents

Welcome to the parent ministry resource section of our website!

On this page, you’ll find LOTS of different free resources that will equip and empower you as a parent to be the spiritual leader of your kids. Be sure to check out some of the primary resources from our different ministry partners below along with some recommended books, websites, articles and podcasts. Feel free to reach out to anyone on our NextGen Staff Team if you have any questions about these resources or if we can help you in any way as a parent.


Lakewood Parent Ministry has partnered with various ministries to provide parenting resources for families.

We have partnered with MINISTRY TO PARENTS to provide you with free parenting resources each month. Just click the link to see new resources each month including a short parenting class video along with a downloadable resource to help you invest in the spiritual life of your kids and teenagers. You’ll also find Family Experiences, a resource for you to lead your kids and teenagers through different spiritual milestone experiences for each year starting at birth and going all the way through 12th grade. 


We have partnered with AXIS to provide you with parenting resources that will help you navigate tough conversations with your kids and teenagers around current topics from a biblical worldview. Click the link to see hundreds of parent guides on different topics including social media and technology, mental health and current cultural issues. You’ll also see training videos, podcasts, conversation kits and a weekly email (The Culture Translator) to stay up to date on current music, movies and social media trends.


We have partnered with RIGHTNOW MEDIA to give you access to the world’s largest streaming library of Bible study resources. With over 25,000 videos taught by top Christian leaders, these videos can be used for your devotion time, small group or family discipleship. There is also a library just for kids with over 2,000 safe, educational and entertaining videos. Just click the link to begin accessing content for you and your family. You can also download the app and stream on any device.

Right Now Media

We have partnered with SCREEN SMARTS to provide you with a free online parenting course that will help you think through and set technology boundaries for your family. This 52-week course only requires 5-minutes a week and includes videos, articles and podcasts that will empower and equip you to parent smarter with technology one week at a time. You’ll learn about appropriate time limits, how to set parental controls and how to develop a theology of technology with your kids. Click the link to get started now.