Wisdom 2020

Over the course of 2020 we are learning about biblical wisdom in the year-long study called “Wisdom: Seeing Life Clearly Through the Lens of Scripture.” To live well is to live wisely. The challenge becomes that what the world describes as wise and what the Bible teaches is wise are opposed. In fact, biblical wisdom is seen as foolishness to the world. If we want to live well — if we want to live a truly wise life — we must look to the Scriptures. When we look to the Bible for a true definition of wisdom, we see that wisdom is not a thing but a person. True wisdom is none other than Jesus Christ. This study takes you through the Bible, examining wisdom and pointing you to Jesus.

The book, “Wisdom: Seeing Life Clearly Through the Lens of Scripture” is available for $5 in Lakewood’s bookstore. In addition to weekly memory verses and the readings for each day, the book contains a reflection for each week in the form of a devotion to read, questions to answer or verses to look up.

Download the Book

To receive daily reminders of the scripture reading, text @Wisdom2020 to 81010.

New music by Lakewood Worship

As a part of the Wisdom 2020 study Lakewood Worship will be releasing two new singles. Be sure to check back often for details on the new music.