Examining Life Through David's Psalms

In this six-week study, we will reflect on six Psalms that pair with our OT19 readings about the life of David in 1-2 Samuel. From David’s own meditations, we will glean how we can biblically and faithfully live our own lives in a manner that honors God even in the midst of life’s deepest valleys.

Week 1
psalm 341 SAMUEL 18-22Watch Video
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Week 2
psalm 571 SAMUEL 23-27Watch Video
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Week 3
psalm 1421 SAMUEL 28-31Watch Video
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Week 4
psalm 1102 SAMUEL 2-6Watch Video
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Week 5
psalm 202 SAMUEL 7-12Watch Video
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Week 6
psalm 511 SAMUEL 13-17Watch Video

The Book and Song

The Vision From the Valley book is a resource created by Lakewood for our church-wide study. All year we have been reading together through the Old Testament as part of OT19. Each week contains a Psalm, a devotion, personal reflection questions, group discussion questions and a hymn. The first week includes the song “Magnify the Lord” which was written, produced and recorded at Lakewood by our Lakewood Worship Team. You can listen to it here.

Memorizing Psalm 34

Join us in Community

The best way to experience Vision from the Valley is through personal study, corporate worship on Sundays and meeting weekly with a small group. If you are not already part of a small group, this would be a great time to join one! Lakewood has groups that meet all around town and throughout the week. We also have Sunday morning groups and a Wednesday night group that will be going through the study together at Lakewood.