Advent 2016: Wonderful Counselor

Oh the wonder Of the mystery of Christ Oh the wonder God, in You we live and breathe Advent Song by Micah Risinger There are pivotal moments in movies where the plot can either take a turn for the worse or the better. These heart-pounding seconds—where everything is up in the air—are often underscored with … Continued

Advent 2016 Devotional

Now we see the face of God Jesus Christ, Our Savior God of heaven here on earth Praise the King, Emmanuel Advent Song by Micah Risinger The name, Augustine, probably means very little to most people. But, it means a lot to a theology professor. It is like the name, Michael Jordan, to a basketball … Continued

They Knew It Was Important

Her name was Lois Flynn. She was director of the children’s department and she greeted me at Sunday School every Sunday morning at Hephzibah Baptist Church during my elementary school years. There were other ladies on her team: Mary Partridge, Helen Ramsey and Margaret Turner. They knew it when I was absent and I missed … Continued

Introducing a New

Have you visited our website lately? If so, you probably noticed that our Marketing Team along with Full Media has given it a complete redesign. As technology and the Internet are constantly evolving, we realized it was time to give our website a serious evaluation and make some changes for the better. Research tells us … Continued

Walk Thru The Bible – Week 6

Captivity and the Coming Kingdom: The consequences of sin are painful, sometimes even devastating. But God never delivers a painful message to His own people without following it with a message of hope. After a long and agonizing exile, the people of God return to Him, and quite a few even return to Jerusalem: Books: Ezra, … Continued

Mantreat: Leading Young Men to be Wise Men

Finally, I am in the wild. The wind blows, bringing the scent of fall in anticipation for the dormant winter. I start walking up a hill listening to all of the activity surrounding me. Young men are up on the mountain learning how to properly care and fire guns. A few shots ring out as they hit … Continued