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Our Senior Pastor, Dr. Tom Smiley, recently visited Washington D.C. to deliver a prayer Open Congress. To learn more about his visit, you can visit Dr. Smiley’s blog and read his post about his experience. The following is the Congressional Prayer he delivered on March 22, 2017:

In the Name that is above every name,

In the Name of the One by whom all things were created,
and by whom all created things are sustained,

In the Name of the One who was crucified for the sins of all people,
raised on the third day
and who, upon His return,
every knee will bow
and every tongue confess is LORD,

In the Name of Jesus,
my Savior and my Lord,

Today, I ask:

Draw near unto Thyself the heart of any in this body
who still remain far from You.

Give confidence and courage to all who govern from this House,
to be unashamed of the Judeo-Christian ethic,
which has led this nation to prominence and prosperity above all other nations.

Remind all who by faith trust You
that Your love wants what is best for us,
Your wisdom knows what is best for us,
and Your power will accomplish what is best for us.

In Jesus’ Name, and God’s people said: