OT19 | NT Connection (June 22)

NT Connect: John 3:1-15 Weekly Reading: Numbers 12-14, 16, 21 Lifted Up and Looked Upon This week in Numbers, we see the Israelites as a people who have so quickly forgotten the faithfulness of the Lord to rescue them from Pharaoh. Despite the warnings the Lord gave them through Moses (Numbers 11:1, 14:2), the Israelites … Continued

NT18 Scriptures: A Year in the New Testament

Here is a brief compilation of several church members and staff that have shared some of their experience in reading the New Testament during NT18.  Produced by Kim Nichols

NT18 Scriptures: Bill Elliot

This week Bill Elliot shares shares how NT18 has impacted his life as he has read through the New Testament this year. Produced by Kim Nichols

NT18 Scriptures: Petit Family

This week the Petit family shares with us their experience with NT18 and being involved at Lakewood.  Produced by Kim Nichols