OT19 | NT Connection (September 14)

NT Connect: Philippians 4:4-20 Weekly Reading: 1 Samuel 18-22 Rejoice in the Lord Always? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane for just a moment. Humor me, please. . . What was one of the best seasons of your life? What was a season in your life that you wouldn’t like to repeat? It may … Continued

OT19 | NT Connection (June 22)

NT Connect: John 3:1-15 Weekly Reading: Numbers 12-14, 16, 21 Lifted Up and Looked Upon This week in Numbers, we see the Israelites as a people who have so quickly forgotten the faithfulness of the Lord to rescue them from Pharaoh. Despite the warnings the Lord gave them through Moses (Numbers 11:1, 14:2), the Israelites … Continued

OT19 | NT Connection (June 1)

NT Connect: 2 Corinthians 5:21 Weekly Reading: Leviticus 1-6 Christ: Our Guilt Offering I have often thought that the book of Leviticus is difficult for Christians to read, let alone enjoy. It comes right after the incredible stories of Exodus, and it appears to be one regulation after another. The laws seem so distant from … Continued

OT19 | NT Connection (May 11)

NT Connect: Hebrews 3:1-6 Weekly Reading: Exodus 26-30 Jesus is Greater than Moses Clean hands and a pure heart. Growing up in the Jackson household my sisters and I grew familiar with the phrase “clean hands and a pure heart.” This phrase was rehearsed in our home before every single meal at my mother’s table. … Continued

OT19 | NT Connection (April 6)

NT Connect: Hebrews 11:23-28 Weekly Reading: Exodus 1-5 The Reproach of Christ Jumping into Exodus this week, we see that a lot has changed since the ending of Genesis. More than 400 years has passed, and the people of Israel have become enslaved to the Egyptians. Fear drove the Egyptians to give them agonizing burdens, … Continued

OT19: The Hart Family

The Hart Family talks about their small group and what they are learning through #OT19. Produced by Kim Nichols

OT19: The Creason Family

The Creason Family talks about their small group and what they are learning through #OT19.  Produced by Kim Nichols

OT19: The Stice Family

Watch as the Stice Family talk about what they are learning through reading the Old Testament as part of OT19.  Produced by Kim Nichols

NT18 Scriptures: A Year in the New Testament

Here is a brief compilation of several church members and staff that have shared some of their experience in reading the New Testament during NT18.  Produced by Kim Nichols

NT18 Scriptures: Bill Elliot

This week Bill Elliot shares shares how NT18 has impacted his life as he has read through the New Testament this year. Produced by Kim Nichols

NT18 Scriptures: Petit Family

This week the Petit family shares with us their experience with NT18 and being involved at Lakewood.  Produced by Kim Nichols

Independence Day Benediction

Here is a video our Worship Ministry created to serve as a benediction for Independence Day:  Produced by Micah Risinger