Operation Christmas Child

Each year, Lakewood is a Drop-Off location for Operation Christmas Child (OCC). This year we collected, packed, loaded, prayed over and shipped 20,898 shoeboxes. That translates to 20,898 children all over the world receiving a Christmas gift and hearing about the original Christmas gift: Jesus Christ. Of these boxes, 1,100 came from members of Lakewood.

Highlights of the week include:

  • Over 110 people volunteered at Lakewood during Collection weekimg_7084
  • Lakewood volunteers packed nearly 5000 shoeboxes into cartons in the Chapel foyer during collection week. This is a new record.
  • Volunteers, like these young men, met shoebox donors at their cars and helped them unload their boxes.9c2e7f66-4cce-40da-96cc-e1b5b0177692
  • The box recipients were prayed for before the cartons were loaded onto the trucks.7e49dcd6-a7cb-4add-a18b-9e1a5b9bf344
  • From start to finish Lakewood volunteers poured out their hearts, cash and valuable time to make this operation run. Please pray for the children that will receive these boxes.