This summer, Lakewood will be delivering a sermon series called, “FAQ,” in which we will address some of your frequently asked questions about God, the Christian faith, how to live like Jesus, and more. But, we need your input! So, we’ve created an online poll for you to vote on your favorite questions that you’d like to hear us talk about this summer, or you can write in your own question. Help us spread the word by sharing this link on social media: LakewoodLife.org/FAQPoll. You can vote below:

Which of these questions about the Christian faith would you like to hear talked about on Sunday mornings? (Choose 3)

What is prayer and how should we pray?
What is discipleship and what is our role in discipleship?
How do we read and study the Bible?
What is the relationship between the Christian faith and science?
How should we balance living out the good news and telling the good news?
How do we live out our faith in a world that often opposes living like Jesus?
What is Heaven like? What will the New Heavens and New Earth be like?
What do we know about the return, or second coming, of Jesus?
Why do some people not see the gospel as good news?
How do other origin studies differ from and compare to the biblical account?
In what way do our jobs matter to God’s mission?
What is the Great Commission and what is our role in it?
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