Music and Drama Camp

Music and Drama Camp

Music and Drama Camp is an opportunity for our students to work together, collaborate, and use their talents and gifts to perform a musical at the end of the week. During Large Group, our students learn staging, drama and choreography. During Small Group, students work on the music and lyrics,paying close attention to rhythm, annunciation, tone, and pitch. To give our students time to get theirenergy out, we have recreation time. To give our students an opportunity for extended learning and creativity, we have break-out sessions that include writing and imagination, crafts, dancing, or scavenger hunts.


Sunday, July 9 • 3:00-6:00 PM

Monday-Thursday, July 10-13 • 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Performance: Thursday, July 13 • 6:00 PM in the Chapel

COST: $60 helps to pay for Camp T-shirt, CD/Download of Musical, Script, Activities, and Snacks.

MUSICAL SYNOPSIS: Jonah, the prophet of Israel sends and receives telegraphs to and from the Living God on behalf of the people, and all is fine, until the Lord tells him to go to that “dirty, rotten, flea-bitten foreign city called Ninevah” and preach against it! So, wouldn’t ya’ know it, instead of boardin’ the east-bound train to Ninevah, Jonah hops a west-bound stage to Tarshish! When a big storm comes up on the prairie, threatening to blow the stage over, the driver rolls the dice and up comes Jonah’s number as the one who must be angering “the gods.” Jonah confesses that he is running the opposite direction from what Jehovah instructed him, and he is thrown off the stage and lands in a … well (say it with yer best cowboy twang!). No, not a whale … an old, abandoned well, where he languishes for 3 days and 3 nights. And … you know what happens from there! Once again, like in all Little Big Stuff musicals, it all points to Jesus, and the Good News of the gospel.




Event Time

Event Start

Jul 09

Event End

Jul 13

Event Location

Lakewood Campus
2235 Thompson Bridge Rd

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