OT19 | NT Connection (December 7)

NT Connect: Matthew 4:12-23 Weekly Reading: Isaiah 7-12 People Walking in Darkness The Gospel writers, and especially Matthew, who is commonly noted to have been writing for a Jewish audience, saw Jesus as the ultimate fulfillment of the story for Israel. Over and over again, Matthew shows how Jesus fulfills the Old Testament. He teaches … Continued

OT19 | NT Connection (October 26)

NT Connect: Luke 15:11-32 Weekly Reading: 2 Samuel 18-22 The Rebellious Son Have you ever been rebellious? If you answered honestly, you most likely answered emphatically: yes! This week we’ve read in 2 Samuel 18 about the tragic ending of David’s son Absalom. Absalom disgraced his father, rebelled against him, and attempted to dethrone him. … Continued

OT19 | NT Connection (May 4)

NT Connect: Matthew 5:1-12 Weekly Reading: Exodus 21-25 A New Law from the Mountain It is amazing the detail found within the law of the Old Testament. The command to live life morally and physically separated from the pagan civilizations is evident in nearly every chapter. Exodus 21-25 provides clear examples of these specific laws … Continued