OT19 | NT Connection (Feb. 16)

NT Connect: 2 Corinthians 1:20 Weekly Reading: Genesis 26-30 Yes and Amen My earliest memories of Sunday School include vanilla wafers, cardboard blocks that looked like red and white bricks, and Mary Partridge playing the piano for assembly in the children’s department. There were also lessons about Jacob. He had a ladder and we were … Continued

They Knew It Was Important

Her name was Lois Flynn. She was director of the children’s department and she greeted me at Sunday School every Sunday morning at Hephzibah Baptist Church during my elementary school years. There were other ladies on her team: Mary Partridge, Helen Ramsey and Margaret Turner. They knew it when I was absent and I missed … Continued

Pollyanna and the Glad Game

It was the summer before sixth grade when I discovered the box of musty old children’s books and novels that belonged to my grandmother and her sister. It was full of great classics that included Pollyanna, by Eleanor H. Porter, first published in 1912. Later that year, I watched the 1960 Disney film based on … Continued

Meet Me at the Lamp Post

Several years ago, I found myself in the company of a high school freshman with whom I had not visited in some time. We sat down to catch up on things, chatting about volleyball, band, friends and the differences between ninth grade and middle school. We talked about her classes, and when I asked what … Continued