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Lakewood Baptist Church Annual Business Conference Notice

Lakewood Baptist Church will enter into its annual Business Conference on Sunday, July 19, at noon. (Immediately following the  11 am Real Life Worship) in Lakewood’s Worship Center.

Regular Annual Business will be on the agenda as well as recommendations from the Deacon Leadership Council and Active Deacon Ministry Body regarding amendments to Lakewood’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Special Note:

The DLC and DM Body encouraged our current Senior Pastor to review and bring current various administrative aspects of our Church’s governance, policies and procedures.

For over 2 years Dr. Smiley, with Donnie Hunt Special Deacon Ministry Liaison, has been reviewing various administrative policies and procedures that Lakewood has been approving, so as to not encumber our NEW SENIOR Pastor with such details during his initial ministry as Senior Pastor.

The motions to amend the Constitution and Bylaws come as unanimous recommendations from our Deacon Leadership Council and our Active Deacon Body.

The DLC wishes to thank Donnie for his invaluable assistance in helping to bring our ministry’s Constitution and Bylaws up to our current practice.

Donnie will be addressing each of the motions at the July 19 Annual Business Conference.  IN ADDITION, Donnie will be available in the Pastor’s Reception Area, outside of the chapel vestibule, from 10:00-11:15 on July 12 and 19 to discuss the aforementioned motions.

 Motion to Amend the Constitution of Lakewood Baptist Church of Gainesville, Georgia

On behalf of the Deacon Leadership Council and the Active Deacon Ministry, a motion to amend the Constitution of Lakewood Baptist Church is presented.

(1) amending Article III entitled “Articles of Faith” to incorporate the Articles of Faith set forth in “The Baptist Faith and Message” adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention on June 14, 2000;

(2) further amending Article III to add a subsection S entitled “Final Authority for Matters of Belief and Conduct” by inserting the belief statement entitled by the same name previously approved by Lakewood on July 20, 2014;

(3) amending Article IV entitled “Church Covenant” to revise the Church covenant to include abstaining from the abuse of controlled and uncontrolled substances.

(4) amending Article VI entitled “Amendments” to mirror our methods for amending the by-laws except for the requisite three-quarters vote to amend, all as set forth in the proposed new constitution attached hereto as Exhibit “A” and as posted on the Lakewood website

Amendment to Bylaws regarding Church Membership

When the church approved many years ago the requirement for attendance of New Member Class prior to becoming a Resident Member of Lakewood, the age of 18 was stipulated.  Children less than 18 were accidently not addressed.  This Bylaw amendment addresses that omission.


Section 1-2-1. Methods of receiving regular members

Persons may be received into regular membership upon presentation of themselves to the church at a regular church service in response to the invitation of the church. Each shall be greeted by the pastor or someone designated by the pastor or the church. The pastor or the designee shall introduce each said person to the congregation, indicate the nature of their request for membership and shall request affirmation by the congregation subject to completion of the following requirements:

  • meeting the qualifications set forth in Chapter 1-1,
  • attending and completing the New Member Orientation and Discover Study**,
  • being baptized by immersion upon completion of the new member orientation study if the candidate has not previously been baptized by immersion as a believer and
  • being approved by majority vote of the church membership present and voting at the first church conference following the date of presentation, which may be called by the moderator without the necessity of compliance with Section 4-3-l (b).

All applications for membership are subject to review by the pastoral leadership of the church. Should there be any question that might require prayer, thought or study or if there is any dissent as to any candidate, such question or dissent shall be referred to the Senior Pastor and, at his discretion, to the Deacon Leadership Committee (DLC) for further guidance as to their qualifications for membership.

** Children under the age of 18 may be accepted simultaneously with parents subject only to being baptized by immersion or upon statement of faith; however, the right to vote shall not be conferred upon the child until the child reaches the age of 18 and has attended and completed the New Member Orientation and Discover Study.


Those persons who have presented themselves to the church at a regular church service in response to the invitation of the church for membership in the church are required to attend and complete the New Member Orientation and Discover Study if aged 18 or over prior to acceptance as full regular members. Similarly, children under the age of 18 shall be considered full regular members except the child must attend the New Member Orientation and Discover Study to attain the right to vote. The New Member Orientation and Discover Study shall be conducted by the senior pastor or his designee as provided in the Church Operations Manual.

The DLC thanks you for your support and confidence as we move forward in preparing to enjoy a new Senior Pastor and a new season of ministry.

We hope to see you at noon on July 19.

Mark Brown, MTL Deacon Ministry

Jimmy Lee, Asst. MTL Deacon Ministry