I’ll bet you’ve never given much thought to tumbleweeds. If you’re from the Southwest, like I am, then you’ve likely seen many. Or, perhaps, they bring to mind images of old western movies. But, the other day I heard an analogy about tumbleweeds that struck me as so profound. You see, a tumbleweed is just … Continued

Mother of a Missionary

My husband and I dedicated our baby girl to the Lord on Mother’s Day, 1989, but did I really know what that was going to entail one day? Hannah dedicated Samuel to God, and Mary even went to the temple to dedicate Jesus, so it must have been what a mother was supposed to do, … Continued

NT18 Scriptures: Allie Weaver

This week Allie Weaver (Adult Discipleship Ministry Assistant) shares with us a reading from NT18 in Romans 8.  Produced by Kim Nichols