FAQ: What is Prayer and How Should We Pray?

If you’d rather listen to this blog, here is an audio version: Prayer is the most pronounced way that we acknowledge and interact with the divine. Prayer, then, is far too important to be left to our own devices. It is a holy language. In the words of James K. A. Smith, prayer is “learning … Continued

FAQ: Why do some people not see the gospel as good news?

I’m terrible at receiving criticism. In school, I hated reading teachers’ comments on my papers, quickly shoving returned work to the back of a binder before I could bring myself to look at it later. I suspect few of my coaches would have described me as “coachable,” and to this day, I have to fight … Continued

FAQ: What is Discipleship and What’s Our Role?

For 23 years I have had a personal relationship with the Lord, and yet, I feel as though I have only just begun to understand and participate in discipleship. Three years ago, my wife, Misty and I visited Lakewood for the first time. We both loved the authentic community, the genuine worship, and Kids Cove! … Continued