NT18 Scriptures: Robert Puckett

This week Missions Pastor Robert Puckett offers an encouraging invitation to join NT18.  Produced by Kim Nichols

Long Walk Part of Gift

While reading the book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders, I came across a story of a missionary serving in the South Sea Islands. The missionary was teaching his people about Christmas. “The giving of gifts is a spontaneous act of celebration over an extremely joyous event. And that,” he explained, “is why many … Continued

How Do I Spend My Mornings?

By Robert Puckett I am curious about how most of us spend our mornings throughout the week. Some, I would imagine, are very disciplined at waking up several hours before they have to be somewhere. They fill their mornings with reading the paper (I may be aging myself) or tablet, exercising, or possibly even a … Continued