OT19 | NT Connection (Feb. 9)

NT Connect: Hebrews 11:8-22 Weekly Reading: Genesis 21-25 The Proof of Genuine Faith We sometimes look at our Christian walk and can only see our failures. Healthy self-examination can be a good thing; however, it can easily become unhealthy introspection. In those times, it is good to be reassured that God views us not as … Continued

Duty, Dads and Devotion

Wikipedia defines the word duty in the following way: Duty (from “due” meaning “that which is owing”) is a term that conveys a sense of moral commitment or obligation to someone or something. The moral commitment should result in action; it is not a matter of passive feeling or mere recognition. When someone recognizes a … Continued

Older Than Dirt!

In just a few weeks Dr. Jerry Gill will be semi-retiring from Lakewood as our Minister of Pastoral Care, and I will be transitioning more into his role. No one can replace Dr. Gill, he has done invaluable work and ministry on behalf of Lakewood. Many of you have been touched by his ministry. But, … Continued