Our Approach

The Adoption & Foster Care Ministry at Lakewood presents a comprehensive, biblically-rooted view of adoption, orphan care and foster care—founded upon the principle that God created and ordained adoption for the accomplishment of His purpose.



Embrace Adoption

Encourage the Church to embrace adoption, orphan and foster care, and offer ministry and support to birth parents, children, adoptive parents, and foster care families.

Lakewood has been blessed with several opportunities to support both domestic and international adoptions. Since 2018, Lakewood has been able to assist in the adoption of nine children, three of whom were adopted out of foster care.

Biblical Foundation

Promote the biblical foundation for adoption and how the adoption analogy relates to our place in the family of God (see: Ephesians 1:4-6; Galatians 4:4-5; Romans 8:14-17; Romans 8:23; Romans 9:4).

Currently there are 12,837 children in foster care in Georgia. Of this total, 371 children are in Hall County. As we promote the biblical foundation for adoption & foster care, Lakewood hopes to be “doers of the word” in seeking to assist with this great need.

Orphan & Foster Care

Call upon individuals to share in the God-given responsibility of orphan and foster care, and to provide direct support to orphanages, missionaries and mission teams who work to care for children in need (see: James 1:27; John 14:18; Psalms 68:5-6).

Lakewood has been blessed to join God in what He is doing in caring for children in foster care and supporting foster families. Since 2017, twenty-six foster children have been served at Lakewood by ten Lakewood foster families. Additionally, our foster families have been supported by dozens of Lakewood members serving in Care Communities.


Adoption/Foster Care Info Sessions

January 21 at 12:15

Lakewood Campus

Join us for ONE of three Information Sessions to learn more.

SESSION A: So You Might Want to Adopt: Adoption 101

SESSION B: Foster Care Information

SESSION C: Supporting & Serving Foster Parents



Adoption/Foster Care Bible Study

6:00-7:30 pm PM | Wednesday Nights
Room 128C
Lakewood Campus

All adoptive and foster care parents are invited to join us this fall for a time of fellowship, community and Bible study.
(Temporarily not meeting due to COVID-19)