21 Days of Prayer

Does praying ever get lost in the routine of your daily life? We know that God wants us to seek Him and hear from Him in prayer, but sometimes we struggle to stop long enough to listen. Sometimes we just need a reset for certain things in our lives to be able to get back to where we want to be. As a church, we choose to use the beginning of a new church year and school year (as well as in January) to be a reset for prayer. Let these 21 days (August 6-26th) be a reset for you.

We have a calendar that outlines a scripture and way to pray for each day from August 6-26. Use this structure as a way to seek God and hear from Him. This August, we are going through the book of James together. James will challenge us in practical ways to live more like Christ. Let’s walk this journey together in prayer, encourage each other, and spur one another on to greater faith.

One way in the past that I have chosen to reset my mind is to make room for more of the Word and prayer by giving up something during these 3 weeks. I have chosen different things that tend to take up my time and attention, such as: certain forms of media, or habits that are not productive to give up for that season. These choices have helped me to focus more on what God may be wanting me to notice from Him and His Word.

As a church, we will gather each Wednesday of the 21 days to pray together for the needs of our church body and our individual needs. Please join us on August 9, 16, and 23rd in the Fellowship Hall to pray from 12pm–1pm. The Prayer Ministry team will also use these 21 days and the days following to pray for the prayer cards we receive from those that turn them in. If you have a prayer need that you would like for us to pray over, please email me or turn in a prayer card at the church facility.

If you were unable to pick one up on Sunday, please download our Prayer Calendar to follow along with us each day.

Let’s turn away from the wisdom the world has to offer and seek wisdom from the only One who really knows what we need. Let’s learn together how to put the Word into practice and be changed by it. Let’s choose to be a doer of the Word and grow in faith. Let’s choose to control our words and encourage those around us. Let’s pray for one another and be bold in our praying. Let’s pray together through James.