Outside the Box


2018 Expansion Project Business Conference Motion


The Deacon Leadership Council (DLC), on behalf of the Deacon Ministry and Stewardship Team, makes the following motion:

That Lakewood Baptist Church engage in an Expansion Project, the scope of which will include, but not be limited to, expanding the existing Ministry Center and GroZone Children’s facilities.

“Beyond tithe” funds will be solicited from the Lakewood membership and congregation and will be used for the Expansion Project.  It is expected that Lakewood will not borrow any funding for the afore-mentioned project.

A building construction team shall be led by Executive Pastor Don Ormsbee and shall consist initially of Jimmy Martin, Joe Wood, Jr. and Martha Scott (additional members may be named later). The building construction team will have oversight and decision-making authority for the Project in consultation with the DLC and Stewardship Team as needed or desired.

The Stewardship Team is authorized to handle the receipts and expenditures of the Project and make such financial decisions with church funds as is required to provide for the Project.

After completion of the Expansion Project, any surplus of funds received by Lakewood, remaining in the Expansion Project account shall be equally divided between the General Missions Fund, the COR. 3:6 Church Planting Fund and the Endowment Fund.

The estimated preliminary budget for the Expansion Project is approximately 1.5 million dollars.  While the basic scope of the Expansion Project is construction of additional GroZone space and Ministry Center expansion, additional work may be approved by the DLC and Stewardship Team as funding allows.