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Latest: The Technical Arts - What does it mean to be more than a button-pusher or a role-filler?... read this
Latest: Long Walk Part of Gift - “The giving of gifts is a spontaneous act of celebration over an extremely joyous event. And that,” he explained, “is why many people give gifts to others at Christmas time. It is an act of celebration over the joyous occasion of the birth of Christ.”... read this
Latest: Pollyanna and the Glad Game - It was the summer before sixth grade when I discovered the box of musty old children’s books and novels that belonged to my grandmother and her sister.... read this
Latest: The Weeding of our Souls - "The weeds that I don’t want to grow tend to spring right up, but the plants that I do want to grow tend to take a great deal of time and effort."... read this
Latest: Live with the End in Mind - “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.” R.E.M.... read this
Latest: Hiding is a Red Flag - "For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it should come to light." (Mark 4:22)... read this
Latest: Lake Baptism 2016 - Here are some photos from this year's Lake Baptism.... read this
Latest: Depression is not a Sin - How should a Christian deal with depression? What does the Bible say about depression? Should a Christian ever be depressed? How can a Christian overcome depression?... read this
Latest: Encounter Jesus - This week's blog is a VIDEO in which Micah Risinger and Zak McQueen have a dialogue about prayer, worship, liturgy, justice and what to expect at the upcoming Night of Worship (9/11) called, "Encounter Jesus."... read this
Latest: Pool Baptism 2016 - Here are some photos from this year's Pool Baptism.... read this
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