The Lakewood Worship Internship Program is designed to provide individuals with the proper tools and experiences necessary to build a foundation for Christian Worship Ministry.

After reviewing this information and prayerfully considering the opportunity to serve at Lakewood Baptist Church, interested students should complete the application. Following a review of your application, the Next Generation Worship Pastor, Nic Greenfield, will contact you for next steps.

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The ideal candidate

  • Is a college student between the ages of 18-29
  • Is humble, teachable, dependable, available, and able to work with a team
  • Maintain/has a strong testimony of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Holds an interest in Christian ministry as a vocational calling
  • Desires to grow in his/her calling in Worship Leadership
  • Supports the mission/vision/doctrinal beliefs of Lakewood Baptist Church


  • Duration: Ideally a 1-semester commitment
  • Hourly Requirements: approximately 8-10 hours weekly (includes prep time and devotion time)
  • Personal Weekly Schedule: Sunday Morning, Wednesday Night Fusion, weekly meeting with Next Generation Worship Pastor Nic Greenfield, personal preparation, and other activities upon request

Program Expectations

Your obligation as an intern:

  • Serve Lakewood Baptist Church under the authority of the Senior Pastor and & staff
  • Maintain a positive public witness and abide by the church covenant during the internship
  • Attend all necessary rehearsals, services, and meetings
  • Complete any necessary internship assignments (reading assignments, reviews, etc.)

Our obligation to you:

  • Provide a quality discipleship and mentorship experience
  • Provide opportunities to grow in worship leadership
  • Give hands-on experience in a local church ministry setting
  • Provide what is necessary can for the student to receive full credit for their college course to the best of our ability

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this internship, our hope is to have provided you a positive ministry environment in which you learn to grow and become a stronger, and more faithful servant of Christ. We strive to provide a variety of disciplines, vocational insights, vocational tools, and long-lasting relationships that will help a student in his or her future calling. In addition, interns can receive:

  • Video footage of the intern leading worship to use when seeking employment with a prospective church
  • A letter of recommendation from the Next Generation Worship Pastor
  • A certificate of Internship Completion
  • College Credit for appropriate college course
  • All books and materials acquired during the program


Is the internship paid?
Yes. Each candidate will discuss pay with the Worship Pastor and Next Generation Worship Pastor during the interview process. Lakewood Baptist Church offers competitive pay provided the student has satisfied the internship requirements and expectations.

Will I be responsible for purchasing church materials or books for the internship?
No, all materials will be provided at no cost to the student.

Do I have to attend Lakewood Baptist Church while serving as an intern?
Although you do not have to be a member, it is expected that an intern will fully invest in Lakewood Baptist Church throughout the entirety of the duration of their program.

Will there be opportunities to lead a worship service?
Yes. Interns will be leading multiple times per week during youth group and a contemporary Worship service as well as performing in other aspects of Worship Ministry such as lighting, audio, media, camera, etc.

Do I need my own transportation to/from the church?
Yes, it is expected the student is able to coordinate his/her own travel.

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