Truth 2022

In 2022 we are learning about TRUTH

Jesus said in John 17:17, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” We know truth by knowing God’s Word. 

Truth 2022 Sermons

Each Sunday of 2022 Dr. Tyler Smiley will be teaching on different aspects of TRUTH. What is truth? How do we know what’s true?

Romans 2024: The Righteousness of GodSunday, February 18, 2024
Guest Speaker Tim Soots
Read through the Bible

Reading Plans

In 2022 we’d love for you to read the Bible with us! Every person is at a different place and stage of their walk with the Lord, but no matter where you are in your relationship with Him it is only by reading the Bible that you will learn the TRUTH about who He is. To assist you in reading God’s Word we have put together a few different options for you to chose from as you Read the Bible in 2022.

Truth ’22 Bible Reading Plan

As in past years, this reading plan is one (sometimes two) chapters per day, five days per week, and the Scripture passage for Sunday’s sermon is part of the weekly reading. This is the reading plan that is sent every morning through our Remind text message app. Text @Truth22 to 81010 to sign up for the daily text messages.


3 Year Bible Reading Plan

3-Year Bible Reading Plan

This plan involves more daily reading that the Truth ’22 Bible Reading Plan. This 3-year Bible reading plan has a chapter from the Old Testament, a chapter from the New Testament, and a Psalm each day, 5 days per week. Every year for 3 years you will read all the way through the New Testament and Psalms, and in 3 years time you will make it through the entire Old Testament. As an ADDED BONUS, Dr. John Morrison has arranged the Old Testament readings in Chronological order to help you keep track of the timeline in the Old Testament. The long-range commitment will be worth it if you are ready for a bit more reading every day.
Read through the Bible in one year

1-Year Bible Reading Plan

These 1-year reading plans require serious commitment to make it through. If the thought of reading through the entire Bible in 1 year is a goal for you, then make this the year! There are MANY 1-Year Bible reading resources to chose from so, we are not creating our own plan, but we are including some options here for you to consider. These are all through the YouVersion Bible app that you can download to your smart device (*Special Note: Through the YouVersion app you can select a specific Bible translation to read, invite friends to read along with you, and keep track of what you have read):

Leader Resources

Small Group leaders can use these discussion questions when you meet with your groups. Study questions for July 11 – September 4 will be provided in The Minor Prophets book.