The Reality of the Resurrection & The Hope of the Nations

“He is risen, he is risen, indeed!” When are you most used to saying this? Easter, right? It makes sense. Easter is, of course, when Jesus was raised from the dead; so, on Easter, we celebrate with this kind of call and response proclamation. But do you know what is really awesome? The fact that … Continued

We Believe: Who is Jesus?

If you ask random people you with get random answers. People say he is: a historical figure, a great teacher, a prophet sent by God, a myth, a good man, a creation of God, a righteous man, the Son of God and God in flesh. Some of these are true, and some of these are … Continued

Hiding is a Red Flag

I can remember one of the first instances I felt the need to hide. I was in elementary school. At the time, Lee Majors played the Six Million Dollar Man on TV. He was the coolest! In the show, whenever the Six Million Dollar Man did a great feat, it was always done in slow … Continued