Advent 2016: Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace Show us mercy Prince of Peace Light of nations Advent Song by Micah Risinger Since the time God drove Adam and Eve out of the garden, our world has known conflict. Discord, quarrels and controversies divide our families and friends while rebellions and insurrections destroy societies from within. We hear of wars … Continued

Advent 2016: Everlasting Father

Everlasting Father May your sons and daughters be love Everlasting Father You’re always near Advent Song by Micah Risinger Abraham Lincoln is possibly the most important president in United States history. He led a divided nation through an extremely difficult time. Yet, one of the most fascinating things to me about any great leader, president, … Continued

Advent 2016: Mighty God

Mighty King Strength is in Your Name Mighty King You are Lord of all Advent Song by Micah Risinger Each Sunday of Advent, Patti and I add characters to our manger scene at home. We start with the animals, then the shepherds, next the angel, followed by Mary and Joseph. And finally on Christmas Day, … Continued

Advent 2016: Wonderful Counselor

Oh the wonder Of the mystery of Christ Oh the wonder God, in You we live and breathe Advent Song by Micah Risinger There are pivotal moments in movies where the plot can either take a turn for the worse or the better. These heart-pounding seconds—where everything is up in the air—are often underscored with … Continued

Advent 2016 Devotional

Now we see the face of God Jesus Christ, Our Savior God of heaven here on earth Praise the King, Emmanuel Advent Song by Micah Risinger The name, Augustine, probably means very little to most people. But, it means a lot to a theology professor. It is like the name, Michael Jordan, to a basketball … Continued