Fusion Gathering Safety Guidelines

**August 17 Update for Fusion Gathering Guidelines**

The safety of all our students, leaders and staff is very important to us as we make plans for more in-person gatherings with our middle and high school students this summer. We have continued to listen to health experts and follow the latest recommendations of both the CDC and other local professionals. We have also sought to stay in sync with our local schools and athletic teams by following guidelines from the Georgia High School Association. Please read the guidelines below but know that we trust parents to make the best decision for their kids/teens regarding attendance at any of our in-person gatherings.



  • Our facilities are being thoroughly sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Our student ministry staff will be wearing masks inside the worship center and lodge. We are also recommending all volunteers and students to wear masks inside.
  • We will have plenty of hand sanitizer and masks available. Water fountains will be closed but students can bring their own water bottle or we will have bottled water.
  • We will communicate safety expectations (listed at the bottom) of students and volunteers on a regular basis.


  • Our Fusion Groups (small groups on Sunday) will not meet in the normal small group rooms but spaced out in larger areas of The Lodge for better social distancing. Groups also have the option of meeting outside at the leader’s discretion.
  • We will not meet all-together for a large group time in the lodge worship auditoriums.
  • The cafe will be open on Sunday mornings but the indoor games will be shut down.
  • Fusion Groups will be for a shorter length of time, just 1-hour (9:30-10:30 am).


  • For Fusion on Wednesday evenings, we have moved our hangout (now 6:00-6:45 pm) time to the area outside The Lodge for better ventilation and social distancing). Students are welcome to arrive anytime during this 45 minute period.
  • Check-in will take place outside and we will have games setup on the lawn (SpikeBall, Corn Hole, 9-Square in the Air, etc.) for students to play before the service begins.
  • The lower lodge lobby will be open at Fusion for the cafe, restrooms and a limited seating area. Other areas of the lodge will be closed and indoor games shut down.
  • We have moved our Fusion worship service on Wednesday nights inside the main worship center for one service with all middle and high school students. This area is much larger and will allow for students to spread out and practice social distancing.
  • Our time together inside the worship center will be shorter (6:45-7:45pm).


  1. STAY HOME IF YOU’RE SICK: Do not attend if you have a fever, are feeling sick or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS: Be sure to wash your hands often and thoroughly. We also encourage you to use hand sanitizer that will be available during our gatherings.
  3. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING: Please help us keep everyone safe by maintaining social distancing and refraining from touching anyone else (no handshakes, high 5’s or hugs). If you live together or ride in a vehicle together, then you may sit by each other during our gatherings. If not, we are asking that you practice social distancing. Also, please do not share any food/drinks.
  4. WEAR A MASK: Masks are highly encouraged. We recommend wearing a mask anytime you are within 6 feet from someone for more than 15 minutes at a time. You are welcome to bring your own mask or we will have extras available if needed.