Fusion Gathering Safety Guidelines

**January 6 Update for Fusion Gathering Guidelines**

The safety of all our students, leaders and staff is very important to us as we gather in-person for our weekly ministry environments. We continue to listen to health experts and the latest recommendations from the CDC, Georgia High School Association and other professionals. Please read these guidelines below but know that we trust parents to make the best decision for their kids/teens regarding attendance at any of our in-person gatherings.


  • We will continue to thoroughly sanitize all of our facilities on a regular basis.
  • We have asked our student ministry staff to wear a mask while inside the Lodge and Worship Center (except when on stage). We are also highly recommending all students and volunteers wear masks inside.
  • We have plenty of hand sanitizer and masks available. Water fountains have been shut down but students can bring their own water or bottled water will be available.
  • We have moved Fusion (our midweek worship service) into two separate buildings to reduce our overall numbers in one location and allow for better physical distancing. Middle School Fusion will meet in the Worship Center and High School Fusion will meet in the Lower Lodge Auditorium.
  • We have set up our worship areas for physical distancing with rows 6 feet apart front to back. Side to side, the number of chairs in each row has been reduced so students can spread out better or sit with a small group of friends.
  • We have adjusted our small group meeting locations so that larger groups are not meeting together in small rooms.
  • We have touchless payment options at the Lodge Cafe and Fusion Product Table. 
  • We will continue to communicate safety guidelines (listed below) for students and volunteers on a regular basis.   


1. STAY HOME IF YOU’RE SICK OR QUARANTINED: Do not attend if you have a fever, are feeling sick or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. If you are in quarantine because of school or work, please don’t come back to church until your quarantine period is over.

2. WASH YOUR HANDS: Be sure to wash your hands often and thoroughly. We also encourage you to use hand sanitizer that will be available during our gatherings.

3. PRACTICE PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Please help us keep everyone safe by maintaining physical distancing and refraining from touching anyone else or sharing any food/drinks. While rows are set up 6 feet apart front to back, it is up to each student to choose how close they sit by friends side to side. We recommend only sitting right next to a small group of friends that you hang out with outside of church. 

4. WEAR A MASK: We highly recommend that all students and volunteers wear a mask anytime they are inside The Lodge or Worship Center for Fusion or Fusion Groups. You are welcome to bring your own mask or we will have some available in The Lodge.