Forever Marriage Conference 2020

Forever Marriage Conference 2020

We hope you and your spouse will make plans to attend this year’s Forever Marriage Conference! Scott & Dawn Smith and Levi & Christa Skipper are our keynote speakers. This year’s theme is INTIMACY: spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy in marriage.

The speakers will be addressing questions like: What is intimacy? Why is intimacy important? What are the consequences of not living intimately in our marriage? How does my intimacy with the Lord relate to my intimacy with my spouse? What are some disciplines that produce greater emotional and physical intimacy?

In addition to four main sessions with our keynote speakers, couples will also enjoy food, fellowship, and fun throughout the weekend!


Event Time

FRI 6pm - SAT 1:30pm

Event Start

Mar 27

Event End

Mar 28

Event Location

Lakewood's Campus
2235 Thompson Bridge Rd

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