Expansion Project Updates

Expansion Project Updates

We are thrilled that construction has begun on our $3 million building expansion to the Kids Cove and Ministry Center areas. This project will greatly benefit our preschool and grade school program ministries as we look forward to new space that will include a dedicated children’s entrance and drive-thru, indoor playroom, new classrooms, office and storage space for preschool staff and an expanded ministry center recreation area.

New construction has made it necessary for us to temporarily relocate our current WeeCare and GroZone preschool spaces. Thank you for your understanding and patience in the coming months.

Adult Classes

Some Sunday morning groups will be relocated to a different room during construction. Check out this list of Sunday groups to see the location of your group.

WeeCare and GroZone

While construction is happening on our new areas, we have relocated WeeCare and GroZone  classes. There are 2 Check-in tables.

Preschool A is located near the Choir Room and is where the Lamb, Turtle, Snail, Butterfly, Owl, Eagle, Frog and Deer/Bear classes are temporarily located.

The entrance to Preschool B  is located in the back of the Commons Coffee House and is where the Duck, Fish, Raccoon, Squirrel and children’s Joy classes are temporarily located.

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