Church Conference and Night of Worship

Senior Pastor Transition


Senior Pastor transition plan announced October 6, 2019 by Mark Brown, Deacon Minister Ministry Team Leader, and Jimmy Lee, Assistant Deacon Minister Ministry Team Leader.

Information Booklet

Official Press Release (Tyler Smiley Unanimously Affirmed by Congregation as Next Senior Pastor)

Tyler Smiley’s Video Remarks Following Congregational Affirmation

Dr. John Morrison’s Prayer & Laying on of Hands

Dr. Tom’s Video Remarks Regarding “What’s Next”

Resources and Videos

Senior Pastor Transition Announcements

Senior Pastor Transition Testimony 1
(Jimmy and Lynn Martin, Dennis Jackson, Dr. Jerry Gill)

Senior Pastor Transition Testimony 2
(Brian and Alana Rochester, Steven and Fancy Pettit, Scott and Dawn Smith)

Senior Pastor Transition Testimony 3
(Tim Soots)

Senior Pastor Transition Testimony 4
(Robert Puckett, Immediate Supervisor)

Senior Pastor Transition Testimony 5
(Mark Brown, Jimmy Lee, Scotty and Katherine Hall, Will and Sarah Williams, Robert Puckett, Tanna Roush, Darlene Brown and Hannah Thomas)

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Worship Center at Lakewood
2235 Thompson Bridge Rd

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