How do you react in a crisis? What can you do when you face calamity on a national and even global scale? In Five Minutes to Pray: Praying through a Pandemic, Dr. Smiley offers a foundational response: turn to God in prayer.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be an unprecedented crisis in Dr. Smiley’s 40 years of ministry. He and his congregation found themselves in one of the nation’s coronavirus hotspots. In the midst of all of this, he was invited to pray at Georgia’s State Capitol.

In this booklet, he describes how this opportunity for prayer came about, and he outlines how he composed this prayer. He explains how and why you can pray, and he underscores the necessity of praying to the one true God. As you read, you will be encouraged in your own prayer life and will be inspired to seek the Lord who hears and answers our prayers.

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